Hospitality & Food Production

Get a Taste of What’s Ahead

Add some spice to life and see the world! If food and travel are your passion, a career in hospitality, tourism, and recreation could be right for you. Explore the business side of hotels, restaurants, and food service.

Which pathway is offered?

Restaurants, Food & Beverage Services—This pathway prepares students to perform a variety of tasks to maintain operations and promote guest services in eating and drinking establishments.

What types of jobs can my student learn about and prepare for?*

Examples of jobs include:

  • Front desk supervisor
  • Concierge
  • Reservationist
  • Hotel manager
  • Food service manager
  • Lodging manager
  • Travel agent

*Some of these jobs require additional education and certifications once a student graduates from high school.

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What could my future look like in this career field?**


**Data is from Lightcast and is updated frequently.