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Class of 2024 Scholarship Winner!

Class of 2024 senior, Matthew B. is the winner a $1,000 scholarship for his Senior Reel!

Watch it here!

Matthew B. My Senior Reel

2023-2024 CODCA Outdoor Leadership

CODCA Outdoor Leadership group enjoying a hike in August. These students enjoyed a full year of adventures, including this 3-day camp hike.

CODCA staff and students ‘stormed’ the Colorado State Capitol to show their support for and interest in online education. Each year, CODCA joins the Colorado Coalition of Cyber Schools in marching to the Capitol and raising awareness that thousands of students and hundreds of families are active and successful at schooling from home, partnering with local education providers (public schools) or private institutions. Our students are active members of this community activity, and we are thrilled over their support!