Student Center

National K12 Student Programming

Families enrolled in K12-powered schools enjoy the benefits of being part of a nationwide community of Learning Coaches, teachers, staff, and students through a variety of virtual programs and resources.

K12 Online Summer Camps

Our tuition-free online summer camps give students in all grades a great opportunity to explore their interests, connect with students across the country, and become more familiar with software they’ll use for Class Connect sessions during the school year. The camps encourage students to create, craft, tinker, and build their own DIY projects. Watch for online summer camp announcements in the Online School and from your local school as well.

K12 Online National Clubs

K12 online national clubs help connect students from around the country with like interests and passions. There’s something for everyone with clubs centered around subjects such as virtual field trips, engineering, Minecraft, DIY Makers sessions, sketching, and more. Teachers from K12-powered schools lead the clubs, and once you’ve enrolled in a club, you can easily access it from your Class Connect schedule.