Meet Our Team

Meet Our Teachers

Renne Breur

Renee Breur | High School Counselor

Ms. Breur has been a high school counselor since 2007. 8 of those years have been working with students online. Ms. Breur earned her bachelors in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and her Master’s Degree in School Counseling from the University of Pheonix. She has her CTE certification for School Counselors as well. Ms. Breur is passionate about working with students. Her goal is for all of her students to earn their diploma and understand their postsecondary goals. She is excited to work with each and every one of you.

Sharon Byrd

Sharon Byrd | MS Math

Mrs. Byrd has a BS in finance/economics from the University of Texas, an MS in information systems from the University  of Texas, and an MA in mathematics teaching from Texas Woman’s University. Before relocating to Colorado, Mrs. Byrd was a programmer and math teacher in Texas for many years, teaching all grades from middle to high school. She has a son serving in the USAF and a basset hound named Bentley. Mrs. Byrd enjoys traveling with her husband and dog in her free time, skiing, biking, and hiking outdoors

Jen Colestock

Jen Colestock | HS/MS Spanish Teacher

Mrs. Colestock is a national board-certified teacher of Spanish and is thrilled to work with CODCA students at all levels, from los primeros pasos in middle school through Advanced Placement® courses at the high school level. Mrs. Colestock has been fortunate to travel extensively and live abroad and is excited to share with students her love of the people and places that make up the Spanish-speaking world. She is also the team lead for the gifted and talented program at CODCA.

Melissa Core

Melissa Core | MS Science

Mrs. Core teaches middle school science at CODCA. She loves sharing her experiences with the students as well as the students sharing their experiences to show that science is all around us. She loves learning about the diversity and talents of her amazing students.

Nicole Dorenkamp

Nicole Dorenkamp | Science Teacher

Jorge Gonzalez

Jorge Gonzalez | HS Social Studies

Mr. Gonzalez has been teaching social students for six years. He has an MA in secondary education and an MA in educational leadership. He has played basketball since he was a child. He currently coaches basketball at Mesa Ridge High School. He is also an avid video gamer and is a coach for the e-sports team at CODCA. Mr. Gonzalez loves getting to know and teach the wonderful students at CODCA!

Catherine Guerra

Catherine Guerra | Math Teacher

Miss G. is passionate about helping her students. She never gives up on students. One of her favorite things to do is to help students see that they can learn math and learn it well. With a bachelor’s in science and two master’s in learning interventions, Miss G. has a lot of experience and success in helping students become grade-level math students. She also helps students gain a positive outlook toward themselves as a learner.

Joe Hoerning

Jen Hoerning | HS Special Education

Mrs. Hoerning has been working with special populations for more than two decades. She also has her MA in education focusing on literacy but enjoys supporting students in all their subject areas. She believes all students can learn, sometimes in unique ways, and strives to help them find what strategies work best for them so that they can find success in their educational journey.

Nicole Irwin

Nicole Irwin | HS Counselor Tech

Mrs. Irwin has a background teaching secondary students in social studies and English. This year, she transitioned to an advisor role at CODCA and has enjoyed building relationships with her students and families. Mrs. Irwin loves to help her students develop a solid educational foundation to succeed in the online learning environment. She has a BA in history with a social studies secondary credential from CSULB.

Sara Thomas

Sara Jack | MS Counselor

Mrs. Jack loves all things middle school! She is so appreciative of the opportunity to work with such amazing students and staff in a safe and kind educational environment. She has a B.A. from UCLA and an M.A. in Counseling from CU Denver. This her 7th year working as a school counselor (2nd year at CODCA) and she wouldn’t change a thing.

Rebecca Jenkins

Rebecca Jenkins | English Teacher

Mrs. Jenkins has been teaching English at CODCA since 2010. She has her MA in education and is currently working on a doctoral degree in English pedagogy. She enjoys getting to know her students and helping them achieve their academic goals.

Josh Kitchen

Josh Kitchen | MS Science

Mr. Kitchen has taught middle school science for eight years and has also spent two years teaching high school science. He has a MA in education, a BA in psychology, and BS in science (biology). He has also spent time coaching high school and middle school basketball and soccer. Mr. Kitchen has a passion for science and loves to share that enthusiasm with his students.

Heather Krebs

Heather Krebs | MS ELA

Ms. Krebs earned her bachelor’s degree in English and philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She also has master’s degrees in English and education. Ms. Krebs loves hanging out with her dog, cat, and family—playing in the great outdoors and escaping to the mountains whenever possible. She also loves spending time with her students and discussing their wonderful ideas about literature and life.

Courtney Ludwig

Courtney Ludwig | MS Counselor Tech

Mrs. Ludwig has been an high school advisor for CODCA for more than four years. She works with students to be successful in their academic years with CODCA. Her goal is to help students thrive by incorporating good work habits, attendance, engagement, and schedules to achieve student’s goals. Mrs. Ludwig has received her PhD in child and adolescence psychiatric from the University of Wyoming.

Rachel Murphy

Rachel Murphy | English Teacher

On my professional side, I hold a Bachelor’s degree in English from Oklahoma State University and a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I have been working in education since 1999. I started out as an elementary school librarian. From there, I taught middle school language arts and literature and summer school high school English in the traditional classroom setting for four years. In 2005, I began teaching online middle school and high school English courses. I have also taught introductory research writing courses for the University of Phoenix online. I love being part of this innovative and exciting alternative educational experience, and I look forward to a rewarding and productive time learning and growing with all of you! Personally, I reside in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma with my husband and two children. Our family also includes one cat and three crazy dogs. We like to stay busy outdoors with activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and swimming. When the weather forces us inside, I love to read, cook, and cuddle with the family.

Rustie Robison

Rustie Robison | CTE Teacher

Rustie Robison grew up in central Illinois and moved to Colorado to attend Colorado State University for graduate studies in Bioagricultural Sciences. During graduate school, Rustie realized she really, really liked teaching and completed a Master of Education, also at CSU. Rustie has been teaching since 2011 and has been at Destinations since 2014. Rustie teaches a wide array of science and agriculture classes, from Chemistry to AP Biology and Agriscience to Food Production. Rustie is super passionate about igniting passion in students and providing students with real-world opportunities to connect to what they are excited about. In addition to teaching, Rustie is a bug nerd, enjoys traveling, reading, gaming, and gardening. Rustie also smiles and giggles a lot!

Hunter Staford

Hunter Staford | HS Social Studies

Mr. Hunter Stafford earned his BA in Social Studies Education from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO, and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Psychology. He has been teaching high school social studies classes at CODCA since 2020 and is developing outdoor programs at the school to provide students with the opportunity to get outside together and enjoy beautiful Colorado outdoors. Before teaching at CODCA Mr. Hunter worked on rivers in Utah taking students rafting, taught avalanche courses in Lake Tahoe, California, and traveled and taught social studies in Panama and Costa Rica. In his classes, he focuses on building relationships with his students and thinking critically about the world and its past. In his free time, Mr. Hunter loves to travel, read, backcountry snowboard, hang outside, and spend lots of quality time with friends and family.

Nicolette Vandelier

Nicolette VanDelinder | MS History

Teaching students, rather than a content area is my focus. Students learn better when they feel safe, appreciated, and respected in the classroom. The genuine connection between an educator and their students is what pushes them to become their best selves. Whether it’s Social Studies, Game Design, Programming, or eSports, connecting with students is my specialty.