Career Areas

Students at Destinations Career Academy of Colorado gain exposure to relevant technical and specialty trade skills from career technical education (CTE) courses built around six career areas, allowing them to explore occupations of interest. These engaging, content-rich courses expand the traditional education experience and maximize a student's ability to succeed in the community and workforce. Successful completion of these courses may help students prepare for industry certification tests after graduation.*

CTE courses are based on the knowledge and skills required for each career pathway in the following career areas:

  • Agriculture: Careers in environmental and natural resource systems that range from agriculture teacher to toxicologist. Learn more about Agriculture.
  • Business and Marketing: Careers in marketing, planning, organizing, directing, and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations. Learn more about Business and Marketing.
  • Education and Teacher Training: Occupations in this field offer a variety of opportunities to work with children to young adults. Careers can vary from teaching to coaching, child care director to nanny. Learn more about Education and Teacher Training.
  • Health Science: Careers in planning, managing, and providing therapeutic services, diagnostic services, health informatics, support services, and biotechnology research and development. Learn more about Health Science.
  • Information Technology (IT): Building linkages in IT occupations for entry level, technical, and professional careers related to the design, development, support, and management of hardware, software, and multimedia. Learn more about Information Technology.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM): Engineering and technician opportunities highlight the jobs in this field. These jobs range from dealing with chemicals and machines to working with electronics and biomedical devices. Learn more about STEM.

* In some programs it may be necessary for students to attend Destinations for at least two years to have enough exposure to career technical education (CTE) courses to be best prepared for certification testing. Microsoft Office certifications may be earned as early as after one semester.